Burn Permits (Burn Ban in Effect) Print

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has issued a ban on open burning from May 1st through September 30th of each year for 54 counties in Georgia, including Cherokee County.  You may not burn leaves, trees limbs, or other yard debris, forest land, or use air curtain destructors for land clearing.  Note that the burning of household waste is banned year-round.

*If you have a complaint or problem regarding burning in your area, please call 911


Types of Fires Exempt from Burn Ban:

Cooking fires for the purpose of cooking food for immediate human consumption (for example barbecue grills or pits) are exempt from the burn ban.  Fires in an outdoor fireplace, fire bowl, or other similar device burning clean wood or logs are also exempt.


Types of Fires Allowed Year Round:

Recreational fires where only logs or clean wood are being burned for pleasure, religious ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes are allowed year-round.  The total fuel area for recreational fires cannot exceed 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height with a minimum of 25 feet from all structures.  No garbage or yard waste can be burned during these types of burns.  No recreational burning is allowed on windy days (10 mph or greater) or on days when atmospheric conditions could cause smoke to remain low to the ground (cloudy, overcast, or rainy days).  Recreational fires must be attended by an adult at ALL times.  Access to a water hose or fire extinguisher must be available to reach the fire if needed. 

Bonfires which are larger than recreational fires are also allowed year-round as long as only logs or clean wood are being burned.  Bonfires must be 50 feet from structures and 100 feet from property lines.  A bonfire permit is required to be issued by the Fire Marshal's Office.  Please call 678-493-6290 to request an inspection and obtain a permit.